About the Order

This section provides information on the Ordre des géologues and its operation, i.e. :

Also, this section provides an easy access to laws and regulations which apply to the Ordre and its members in addition to the various policies enacted by the Board of Directors.

The profession

The professional practice of geology is subject to specific legislation in nine Canadian provinces and 31 US states. In Québec, the Geologist’s Act and associated regulations govern the control of the practice of the profession of geologist

The practice of geology includes such scientific activities as identifying, observing, characterizing, interpreting or modeling geological phenomena, including geophysical and hydrogeological phenomena.

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Direction and governance of the Ordre

The Board of Directors holds all the rights, powers and prerogatives of the Ordre except for those which depend on decisions of the General assembly of members. The Board is directed by its president and supported by the secretary.

The headquarters of the Ordre, under the authority of the Executive director, is tasked with implementing the decisions of the Board and ensuring the smooth functioning of the Ordre.

Committees and their functions

The effective operation of the Ordre relies to a significant extent on the contributions of members active in various committees.

Control of the practice is ensured on one hand by the Office of the Syndic, the Review committee and the Disciplinary council, and, on the other, by the Professional inspection committee. The Arbitration Council may also be called upon to intervene in fee disputes between geologists and their clients.

Applications for admission to the profession are assessed by the Board of examiners while the Committee on admission standards proposes orientations to the Administrative Council.  

Acts and regulations

The operation of the Ordre and the Professional practice of its members are subject to legal and regulatory requirements which can be readily viewed with the following link


In application of the best practices for governance, the Board of Directors adopts policies governing all aspects of its operations and for the activities of the Ordre which are not prescribed by legislation. These policies are public and can be viewed in the Policy section of this web site.