Board of examiners


The Board of examiners is charged with the evaluation of the qualifications of persons who request admission to the Ordre des géologues. It is tasked with evaluating the equivalency of degrees or academic training and recommends delivery of permits by the Administrative council based on its evaluations.

This committee works in application of various regulations: Regulation respecting the diplomas issued by designated educational institutions which give access to permits or specialist's certificates of professional orders, Règlement sur les conditions d’admission de l'APGGQ, Règlement sur les normes d’équivalence de diplôme et de formation aux fins de la délivrance d’un permis, Règlement sur les stages et les cours de perfectionnement.

For each application file reviewed, the committee may be called upon to make a decision in keeping of the applicable regulations on:

  • granting or refusal of equivalency of diploma or academic training;
  • acceptance of experience adequacy;
  • recommendation to the Administrative Council concerning the granting of a Permit or an Authorization.


The Board of examiners is made up of geologists and chosen among members who have more than ten years of experience and among university faculty members. These members are selected in a manner to ensure representation of the main areas of practice and of teaching of geology. All members of the board are appointed by Council. Quorum of the Board is set at three members.

In addition, the Board calls upon experts to provide assistance in the evaluation of the equivalency of training of candidates.