Professional inspection committee

Tool for Improving the Profession

The Professional Code mandates that a Professional inspection committee be set up in each professional order. The role of the committee is to “supervise the practice of the profession by the members of the order”. This supervision is intended to ensure that geologists fulfill their professional responsibilities appropriately and maintain their competence at the required level, in light of evolving science, technology and needs of society. The Professional inspection committee acts in application of the Professional Code and the Regulation on the professional inspection committee

The committee reports on its activities to Council and includes the recommendations it considers appropriate.

General surveillance of the profession

The Professional inspection committee monitors the practice of the profession according to an inspection program approved by Administrative council. Professional inspection covers a geologist’s entire professional practice, in particular, the records, books and registers the geologist keeps as well as the opinions, reports and other documents he or she prepares in the course of his or her practice. Professional inspection also covers the opinions, reports and other documents on which the geologist has collaborated and which form part of the records prepared and kept by his or her colleagues or employer, as well as any valuable the geologist has been entrusted to by a client.

Objectives of Professional Inspection

The objective of professional inspection is to ensure the continuous improvement of the competence of all geologists—be they employees or independent consultants—and the quality of the professional service they provide.

Professional inspection is designed to achieve four basic objectives:

  • to contribute to improvement of the quality of professional practice—and ultimately to service excellence—by identifying shortcomings to be corrected in the practice of members, making recommendations, and performing appropriate follow-up;
  • to heighten geologists’ awareness of their duties, obligations and responsibilities toward the public, clients and the profession;
  • to urge members to know and comply with the laws, regulations and standards governing the practice of the profession;
  • to promote the improvement of members’ competence through ongoing professional development throughout their career. 

Inquiries into Professional Competence

The Inspection committee conducts an inquiry into the professional competence of any member of the Order indicated by the Administrative council; the committee may also act on its own initiative in this regard. The committee may retain the services of experts for the purpose of such an inquiry.

Upon review of the report of inspection or of investigation, the Professional inspection committee may recommend to the Administrative council that it compel a member of the Ordre to successfully complete a period of refresher training or a refresher course, or both such training and course. It may also impose on the member any other requirement that is recommended by the professional inspection committee and to limit or suspend the right of the member to perform his or her professional activities until these obligations are fulfilled.


The professional inspection committee of the Order is made up of five members appointed for a three-year term by the Board of Directors selected from geologists who have been practicing for at least five years. This term is renewable. The committee holds its meetings on the date, at the time and in the place that it or its chairperson determines. Quorum for committee meetings is three members. The inspectors and investigators must be members of the Order.