To practice professional geology in Québec

In Québec, no person may, in any way, claim to be a Geologist, use the title of Geologist or an equivalent, or practice a professional activity “reserved” for Geologists, unless registered on the Roll of the Ordre des géologues du Québec or duly authorized under the Geologists Act and the Professional Code.

NOTE: the various fees charged in the admission process have been modified on December 10, 2014. Here is the current list of fees (in French).

Anyone wishing to practice geology in Québec must, in application of the Law using the appropriate procedures, first, obtain a Geologist’s Permit and, second, register with the Order. A permit is granted to any person meeting the conditions.

Alternatively, a person legally authorized to practice the profession in another jurisdiction may obtain a Special Authorization.

How to proceed

The procedures to be authorized to practice professional geology in Québec vary according to your personal situation and the nature of the work or assignment planned.

To find the procedure most appropriate for your personnel situation, please carefully read the instructions below and follow the links to the pages providing detailed information and the forms to use.  Details of the legal framework may be consulted with this link.

Please read the statements below and follow the links most appropriate to your situation:

For students

For any person interested in a career in geology, please click here for summary information on the academic training required plus links to the universities providing bachelors programs leading to accredited degrees.