Professional licensed in another jurisdiction


Member of a Canadian professional association

A Member of a Canadian professional association of Geoscientists (APEGA, APEGBC, APEGM, APEGNB, APGNS, APGO, APEGS, PEGNL, or NAPEG)  may apply for a Geologist Permit by fulfilling administrative requirement using Form A4.

Member of a professional association outside Canada

If you hold a legal authorization to practice geology either in the United States (member state of ASBOG), Italy (member province of CNG), Spain (ICOG) or South Africa (SACNASP), you may ask for a Geologist Permit by completing administrative requirements with Form A.

Special Authorization

If you do not intend to set up recurrent professional practice in Québec and plan for a limited professional contribution to a project in Québec, you may Request a Special Authorization.

Processing time

Confirmation of your status will be obtained  by OGQ from your home association

Geologist Permit: a person licensed with another professional association should allow about 1-2 months for issuance of a Geologist’s Permit after all relevant documentation has been received.

Special Authorization: a Special Authorization may be issued within about one week of submission if all requirements are fulfilled.

Important Notes:

  1. No request will be processed before payment of specified fees has been received.
  2.  The Permit is not a professional license but is a necessary condition for you to become licensed to practice. Registration is required for you to have the right to practice.
  3. If you cannot meet the French language requirements, a Temporary Permit will be issued to you. Such a Permit is issued for one year and can be renewed up to three times if you follow the procedure of the Office québecois de la langue française (OQLF). Passing successfully the OQLF French language test  allows for a Geologist Permit.