To register onto the Roster


If you do not hold a Permit and have never been registered as a member of the Order, please submit a request for a Permit as described in "to Obtain a geologist Permit". You will be invited to register if and when a Permit is issued to your name.


The procedure to be followed depends on your personal situation. Three possibilities exist as per the following. Please follow the procedure indicated by the statement that applies to your situation:

  • If you were issued a Permit by the Order in the past three (3) months, instructions were provided to you in your letter of ussuance of permit; contact the OGQ office if needed.
  • If  you were issued a Permit by the Order more than three (3) months prior to this day  but have never registered as a member of the Order, contact the OGQ office .
  • You hold a valid Permit issued by the Order but your name was struck from the Roll and you wish to be reinstated onto the Roster of the Ordre des géologues du Québec: use Form I-1 and provide documents required.


  1. In all cases, payment of fees or dues must have been received before any request will be processed.
  2. A Temporary Permit is valid for one year from the date of issuance. Renewall of such Permit is possible subject to OQLF procedure.