Academic requirements

The profession of geologist requires a solid academic background. The academic training required to be eligible for a geologist permit is acquired through a degree of baccalaureate es sciences (B. Sc.) specialized in geology or its equivalent.

In Québec, four universities offer degree programs in geology giving access to a Geologist Permit. The training acquired through these programs includes basic knowledge in fundamental sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology; foundations largely acquired after a college degree or DEC in Natural sciences), foundations in the basic disciplines of geology and advanced training in certain areas.

Geology is a science which includes numerous disciplines and specialties in constant change. Therefore, the knowledge acquired after a B. Sc. only forms the base and more advanced training through experience or graduate studies (masters or doctorate) are necessary to develop the competency expected of a geologist. Notwithstanding the ultimate academic grade, the geologist should expect to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills throughout his/her career.


Four universities offer degree programs giving access to the geologist permit. The links provided below will take you to the web sites of the departments in question:

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