For members

Profile update and annual registration

Members must at all times keep up to date their personal profile on record at the Ordre.

Registration is annual and valid until march 31of each year and must be renewed before April 1st. Renewal of registration must be done online (except for special circumstances) by filling out the annual declaration and providing payment of the annual dues. Annual renewal of Registration is done via the Secure Web link to update profile or renew registration.

The following financial institutions accept online bill payments for l'Ordre des géologue on the web page reserved for their customers: National Bank of Canada, Caisses Desjardins, Toronto Dominion Bank, CIBC, Bank of Montreal, Scotia Bank, Royal Bank of Canada


Members in good standing may apply for a seal by submitting form I-3 with payment.

Professional Liability Insurance

All members are covered by a « secondary » professional liability insurance policy.

In addition to the above secondary liability coverage, geologists in private practice must also maintain liability insurance coverage in conformity with the regulation on professional liability insurance. To ensure access to insurance compatible with the Regulation respecting professional liability insurance, the Order has reached a service agreement with a supplier. Click here to see details of the secondary insurance policy or to contact the primary insurance provider (BFL)

Member services

The Order has entered into agreements with various suppliers so as to provide members with access to services that may be useful in their practice or to meet their personal needs.

Electronic signature

Members of the Order may obtain a secure electronic signature through Notarius.

Personal insurance

Medical and related insurance

Under the Medical insurance Act, members of professional associations less than 65 years old may not subscribe to the provincial medication insurance program, they must either have medication insurance coverage through their employer, their spouse or their porfessional association. If you presently have provincial coverage, you must change and use the coverage provided by the Order if you have no alternative.

Details of the medical insurance and other related personnal insurance services available to members are described in the brochure visible online.

Home and Auto Insurance Program

TDMelocheMonnex offers discounts for combining home and auto policies, and for maintaining a good driving record. In addition, they offer preferred rates thanks to the agreement with Ordre des géologues du Québec.
For more info, click the following link.

Professional development