For the public

This section concerns various services available to the public :

Protection of the Public

The mission of the Ordre des géologues du Québec is to protect the public in the practice of the profession by its members. Various processes have therefore been put in place in order to allow any person to lodge a complaint against a geologist or request reconciliation of accounts.

How to lodge a complaint

Anyone who believes to have suffered injury or loss by the actions of a member of the Ordre as a result of either inadequate quality of services or by unprofessional conduct, is invited to communicate with the Syndic and request an inquiry.

Reconciliation and Arbitration of Accounts

A client, who has a dispute with a geologist member of the Ordre about the amount of a bill for professional services, may send the Syndic a written request for reconciliation.

If the reconciliation procedure does not lead to an agreement, an arbitration procedure may be invoked.


Persons wishing to verify the present or past professional status of a person in relation to the Ordre des géologues may consult the Directory. Any person may also contact the secretariat of the Ordre to obtain this information.